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(NOT FOR SALE) Discography ONLY

Choice Disc of some or all of material.
A disc containing outfakes.
A Disc that has been cloned, live link to clone.


The cross-referenced CDs should be the "best" sources for each outtake .

Commonly used Abbreviations

16/10/65 - Date (All Dates are noted in UK format DD/MM/YY)

BD = breakdown (i.e.not complete );
EP = Edit Piece;
FS = False Start;
SI = Superimposition (aka overdub);
TC = Tape Copying;
TR = Tape Reduction (The freeing of tracks by putting several tape tracks on one).

All information has been reviewed using readily available information the listing are not guaranteed to be accurate, as much as I wish it were possible, but if in I have been unable to verify any information it either doesn't appear here or I have clearly identified the data as a view and the source.

All updates and views would be apprecited with details of your source. I wouldn't wish to verify a possibility if you are using the same source as me.


Q. Why don't all the Links work.

A. This is a new page and rather than return and update I'd rather put the effort into new pages. However this should only apply to links to the bootleg sources.


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