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There is ONLY one site you need to think of visiting , regularly updated and many thumbnails to help identify your own footage. Password protected but currently FREE to register.


was PROJECT and Entomology a Study Of Beatles Sounds

It has to be there at No. 1, a development of The Beatleg Project and Entomology sites with the bonus of new artist then being added. The site is now self managing. Whilst the accuracy of some information is poor , because of the vast number of people contributing. It should be your first stop for artwork downloads or traders.

A specialist Bootleg site based around the Vigotone Label and it's subsidiaries, Almost ALL Original variations are here. Unfortunately very limited information on the ever growing number of fakes. So check out my own VIGOTONE section.


Original Partially Archived site
Free As A Boot 2004

Whilst the original Excellent site has been deleted part were captured by an 'Web Archive Robot' , if it is does not load from the English pages try the Japanese . The varied viewing habits of archived variations.

Unfortunately NO 2005 updates yet.

-Part of Harold Gernhardt's page

RegrettablyPASSWORD PROTECTED NOW as the result of misuse , which along with the lack of regular Beatleg updates has led to the decline of what was one of the better Bootleg sites with many contributors world wide.

A site providing replacement CD inlays for a large quantity of FAB boots and some commercial releases. Well researched and updated as new information becomes available.Details of a few variations. NO 2005 updates.

NON English Sites

Only separated because of the viewing/translation problem for some people.

A very good starting point when looking at the masterdisc label. Hopefully , when I have finished my reviews this site will be obsolete for English reading surfers.

A great reference source ,unfortunately the sitehas heavy blocking to avoid copying which causes translation engines problems, I have found using a select all and copy option you can paste whole pages for translation.

Forums/ Discussion POINTS.

An exceptional Beatleg Group , if not the BEST.


Another excellent Forum , plenty 'hear' that you won't get else.

Commercial Releases & Variations

An Excellent guide to Worldwide variations , with numerous images

A Very good guide to Beatles Acetates and Tapes


ALL THAT's The Beatles

A growing central starting point for anything Beatles Especially useful as more rings collapse


DEAD or NON updated sites

The Beatleg Project

Why not down load the shareware and use the detailed browser to look for those missing Out Takes and Alternative mixes.

I couldn't endorse this software more than to advise that I have added and updated over 300 files. that's CD's and LP's (to you or I) out of this database that is now running to over 1000 files.


ENTOMOLOGY: A Study of Beatles Sounds

Having dificulties identifing the mix or version of that outtake , checkit out at this side and compare it to the Real Audio Samples.

A project I am running with Francois VanderLinden of the Beatleg Project. I can only describe it as an excellent accessory to our own sites.


A good collection of Bootlegs, many not common in US/Europe including some Clones of well known titles and many other artists.



Harald Gernhardt's

Excellent site. Probably the best source of details on bootleg releases online along with a detailed McCartney Extension.

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