What's New 2007

What's New 2007.

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?? Apr 2007    
    The Lost Paris Tapes - Dr Pataphysical New File  
    Warts 'n' All - Martha Records New File  
    The Beatles Broadcast Collection Trailer 1 - Yellow Dog New File  
    What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At A Party - Guernica New File  
09 Apr 2007      
    The Beatles and the Great Show At Shea! - His Master's Choice New File  
    Get Back - Limited Edition - Masterdisc New File  
    Get Back -Masterdisc New File  
31 Mar 2007   Masterdisc - label - Update  
    Japan 1966 - Masterdisc New File  
    Get Back -Reissue -Masterdisc New File  
18 Mar 2007   Please Please Me - Stereo 2nd Brown and Gold Variation. Update  
    Abbey Road N.W.8 - The Source Tape - Darthdisc New File  
    His Master's Choice - Label - Yellow Dog Subsidary New File  
7 Mar 2007   Nippon Budokan Hall,Tokyo July 2, 1966 - Beatles Special New File  
    Budokan 66 , Miami - High Quality New File  
    HQ - (High Quality?) Label New File  
    In Concert -Tokyo 66.06.30>66.07.01 Silent Sea New File  
    Revolution - Vigotone alternate versions Update  
27 Feb 2007   The First And Last Visit to Japan - Beatles Film Bit(e)s New File  
    Concert Introductions - Tokyo 1 Jul 1966Update  
    "Conqueor The World" (Vol.4) -Banana - Alternate pressing added Update  
    The Beatles Over Atlanta + Shea Stadium - Red Robin New File  
    The City Of Lights - Darthdisc - Japanese discs Update  
13 Feb 2007   Live In Japan - Walrus Detailed track listing Update  
    Live In Japan 1964 - Document Records New File  
    Nippon Budokhan Hall , Tokio July 2,1966-Bulldog- Detailed track listing Update  
    Tokyo 1 July 1966 -Matinee - Concert New File  
    Please Please Me - Stereo EMI Renting labels added. Update  
28 Jan 2007      
    Leaning On A Lamppost - Yellow Dog - Alt Version 2 disc confirmed Update  
    Tokyo 30 June 1966 - Concert New File  
    Concert Introductions - Tokyo 30 June 66 Update  
    "Conqueor The World" (Vol.4) -Banana New File  
21 Jan 2007      
    Gone Tomorrow Here Today - Midnight Beat New File  
    Five Nights in Judo Arena - The Swingin' Pig discs Update  
    The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts 1964-1965- Midnight Beat New File  
11 Jan 2007      
    Gone Tomorrow, Here Today - Repro-Man New File  
    Dig It - Condor/ Toasted New File  
    Not For Sale - Condor/Toasted - Remake Disc Update  


  Last Years Updates  



Coming Soon   Coming Soon links are ONLY to draft files if they are online at all
    Original Stereo Recording - Walrus New File  
    The BBC Beatles Complete Catalogue No.1 - Panada New File  
    Rubber Soul - SRS - Beatles Forever New File  
    A Hard Day's Night -UK Stereo - Dr. Ebbett New File  
    The Dream Is Over - Pegboy Records New File  
    Turn Me On Dead Man: - Vigotone FAKE -CDR New File  
    Back Track Part 2 - Classical New File  
    Turn Me On Dead Man: - Vigotone - New File  
    Yesterday... And Today -US Stereo - Dr Ebbett New File  
    From Me To You - Chronology Vol. 1 (1962-1963) - Grapefruit New File  
    Pyramid Matrix Guide - PDF New File  
    Masterdisc Releases Matrices Review
Many more Disc images needed - Can You Help?
    Original Master Recordings - BEAT New File  
    Walrus Records Releases Matrices review Update
    Help! - Canadian CD- Original Mix New File  
    Beatles VI -Capitol -Fold down New File  
    Mystic Maestro - HQ New File  
    Rock And Roll Music - Pyramid New File  
    Concert Introductions - Update Paris '65 Afternoon  
    Live in Paris 1964 and in San Francisco1966 - Pyramid New File  
    (The) Beatles In Australia - BEAT New File  
    The Beatles Sing For Shell - TV Show New File  
    Sessions - Condor New File  
    Something To Hide - Condor New File  
    Not Guilty - Condor New File  


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